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"Leavitt-Tube Co. has a history of doing business with QC Pickling for over 20 years. We have worked with Vision Pickling and Processing since they opened. Their teams have always responded to our requests and filled our needs in a timely and economical manor. Whether we need sorting, pickling or storage Leavitt requires identifying and maintaining complete heat lot tractability and Vision has a 100% track record in this regard. Their willingness to do whatever it takes makes them Leavitt's go to guys for all their services."

Jim Damaska, V.P. Sales
Leavitt-Tube Company

"Vision is a supplier always willing to work hard with and for us towards success. Excellent communication, quality and reliability are why we continue to choose Vision as a valued supplier."

Stephanie Stevens-Weyrick
Hagerty Steel & Aluminum QC

"It's hard to believe that we now have been doing business for over 10 years. A seamless relationship with only the highest regards for quality and service. Your continued attention to being a good listener reflects in the enhanced quality of your process and the service you provide to Central Steel & Wire Co. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to the next ten years."

Central Steel & Wire Co.
John E. Brandl, Manager Fabricating Department

"The GKN Armstrong Wheels and QC Metal Pickling business relationship began back in 1999. We began purchasing hot rolled specialty profile material from the U.K. and Germany and needed an economical way to remove the rust and black scale that was the result of shipping across the pond and the manufacturing process. QC Metal Pickling presented their process as a possible option to solve our problem. Upon reviewing other chemical processes and shot blasting, it was determined that QC did indeed offer the best solution for GKN's material stripping needs.
Since the inception of the GKN - QC relationship, the QC team has been quick to respond to the every day demands placed upon them by GKN and the occasional rush items we have encountered. QC Metal Pickling offers their customers the kind of service that is needed to help prosper the businesses requiring their services as well as developing friendships which make working together enjoyable and rewarding. It is refreshing to work with another business which is willing to 'go the extra mile' to keep their customer's business up and running."

Paul Theesfeld, Purchasing Analyist
GKN Armstrong Wheels

"In the eleven years Norfolk Iron & Metal Co. has worked with QC Metal Pickling we've received excellent service. We find them very accommodating and cooperative in handling all of our special requirements. Orders are always completed in a timely manner and with great quality in the finished product."

Melody Jensen, Outside Processing Coordinator
Norfolk Iron & Metal Co.

"QC Metal Pickling has been associated with McDonald Steel Corporation since the year 2004. During that relatively short time McDonald Steel has been able to form an excellent partnership in supplying our customers with an added option of having their material pickled and treated and thus providing a better product made ready for their continued process.
During our relationship with QC Metal Pickling we have enjoyed the comfort of knowing that the integrity of McDonald Steel's material has been maintained. The quality has been more than acceptable in supplying our customer's requirements and QC's punctual attention to demanding schedules have been more than adequate in meeting delivery timetables. QC Metal Pickling has always been willing to go that extra step to assure McDonald Steel that our products are in good hands throughout their process."

Raymond L. Fowler, Commercial Manager
McDonald Steel Corporation